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The Third Wave of Coffee
It considers coffee an artisanal food, like wine, rather than a commodity.
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Make Coffee Without Limits
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Watch Tea Blooming in The Glass Teapot
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Unique Creativity

People love leading companies. But forerun is not easy as saying it and most of companies just copy successful products without any change. There are fewer companies that try make a new product or upgrade old products. This is one of the most important points of a popular company. New ideas and creativity or update old products can make a product attractive. Genova company always try to be pioneer with its own creative engineers and designers.

Borosilicate Glassware Products

Genova has a various range of borosilicate glassware products. Heat resistant, anti thermal shock, microwave safe, dishwasher safe are Genova glassware features. Highest quality and good thickness distinguishes our products from the rest.
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Genova Honey Dispenser

Genova honey dispenser with acrylic material is a new solution to drip honey without mess. Hold dispenser over food item or drink, press and a stream of honey instantly appears, completely without drip after stop.