Matcha is one of my favourite teas to have daily, and if you’ve been following this blog for a while you may have guessed that too. I find the art of preparing matcha quite soothing, and so I enjoy matcha the traditional way most often. However, there are definitely days when I don’t have time or all of my matcha tools to have it that way. As the weather warms up, I also find myself craving something colder for on the go. Enter this speedy way to make cold brew matcha. Follow the tutorial below, and you’ll be shaking it up in 30 seconds or less with no fancy tools required.

You can cold brew/steep any tea, the steeping time just depends on the type of tea. I have a simple tutorial on how (and why!) to cold steep teas here. However, since matcha is a green tea powder and not loose leaf, it’s a bit different to make. Cold steeping teas is a slow process, but with matcha it’s actually much faster! Cold brew matcha means we will just be mixing the matcha powder with cold water. No heat is involved. Depending on how much matcha you use, this will be a lighter green tea drink.

This cold brew matcha method is so quick that my boyfriend refers to it as “the lazy (wo)man matcha”. It is a super convenient way for him to drink matcha often between teaching and recharge!

You only need 3 items, plus maybe a little bit of power/strength for some shaking! If you want to try matcha but don’t have any tools to prepare it, this how-to is perfect for you because no matcha whisk, frother or blender is required. Essentially, you just put the 2 ingredients in a bottle and shake. You can shake the cold brew matcha on your way to work, school, the gym, by the pool or even on the couch while reading a good book.

What Matcha is Best for the Cold Brew Method?

Like anything else, if you want to enjoy the taste of a cold brew matcha, I suggest using a matcha that you already like. I prefer using ceremonial grade when making cold brew matcha and sometimes I will use culinary grade if I’m making a cold brew matcha latte. It all depends on your taste preferences! If you’d like some matcha brand recommendations, you can check out my best matcha post here.

How to Cold Brew Matcha
If you love matcha and want to get your matcha fix, this is a refreshing and fast way to do so. Video tutorial included below.
Here is what you will need:

  • 1 drinking bottle with lid (such as: mason jar, water bottle, shaker/blender bottle, etc.)
  • 1 teaspoon matcha or 1 matcha single-packet, perfect for on-the-go (I use these ones here, they are 2 grams)
  • 1.5 cups cold water
*adjust the measurements depending on the size of bottle you are using and the strength you prefer for your cold brew matcha.

1. Add the matcha green tea powder to your bottle. If you’re not doing this on the go, you can sift it into your bottle if you prefer, but not necessary for this method.

2. Pour cold water into the bottle, until almost full. Leaving a bit of space at the top may help when shaking.

3. Seal the bottle and shake vigorously for about 15 seconds. Once you notice no clumps, and a nice froth at the top, open the bottle up and take a sip or pour in another glass to serve. Enjoy!

*Important Note: Matcha is not an instant tea, so it technically does not dissolve in water (hot or cold). Instead, it gets suspended in water. Therefore, you may need to shake again if it settles.
Cold Brew Matcha Latte Option:
If you prefer to make a quick, cold brew matcha latte, follow the directions above but use milk instead of water, or use half water and half milk and shake away!

Iced Matcha Option:

If you want an even colder drink, follow the directions above but add some ice cubes prior to shaking! The addition of ice could also help crush matcha powder chunks.

Cold Brew Matcha Video Tutorial
Want a better visual? Follow this video tutorial:


Source: theteacupoflife