We all love our daily cup of joe, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a powerful way to boost your mental alertness and focus, and it just makes life better. When the day finally comes that everything goes to hell, we can count on coffee to make it out alive. The necessities of life are as follows: food, shelter, and coffee.

This is our chaos coffee. If we’re forced to flee with our bug out gear, we’ll rely on coffee to help us when we’re tired, frazzled, and in need of a warm beverage. There’s a real possibility that coffee, as we know and love it, will not be available when SHTF, and that’s why we need to be prepared by learning about chaos coffee and how to create our own coffee-like beverages when we need them most.

Why Chaos Coffee

Most of us take our daily coffee seriously. Like any other food or beverage, coffee is a valuable resource. Think about what happens in an extreme situation. Tensions are high, but you need your mind to be at its best. You’ll likely be operating on little sleep, and you need to make sure you’re brain is functioning despite exhaustion levels.

The natural caffeine in coffee binds to the adenosine receptors which is what keeps you feeling awake and energized. You won’t have to worry about getting the perfect night sleep (hint: you won’t get any such thing for a while) when coffee is a part of your bug out gear.

Since the early days of colonial settlers, coffee has been a tradable commodity. This will likely become the case if the country falls into chaos, and it’s never bad to be prepared with resources. Coffee isn’t just a luxury. It’s a way to help yourself survive.

Storing Coffee

A good first step is to begin storing coffee now. There are some common storing rules you should know about to make sure your coffee stays strong and high-quality even when stored long-term. First, only purchase vacuum sealed bags. These are airtight, and that’s what keeps in the freshness. If exposed to air, the coffee bean will begin to lose its potency.

Next, you’ll want to make sure you’re purchasing whole beans. Yes, grounds are easier, but they’re less potent than the bean itself. To prepare your brew, you’ll need to also find a good grinder. Only grind the beans right before brewing the coffee to ensure it’s strong, as explained in this coffee grinder guide by Coffee Or Bust.

Unfortunately, coffee does not grow in the continental USA. That means if there’s conflict, growing your own coffee beans won’t be an option. That only makes this even more of a resource. Shortages of coffee have been known to happen before, so you shouldn’t expect them not to happen again.

Making Coffee

Beyond storing coffee, you need a plan for actually brewing it. While you can build your own DIY brewer with some water and a filter, this is inefficient. The best option is to purchase a drip coffee maker. These come in all shapes and sizes, and you can find one that suits your needs.

The good news is these drip makers are developed based on historical methods for brewing strong coffee, so you’ll be sure to get a good cup of joe. A small drip coffee maker will work instantly, and you won’t have to worry about heating your own water. It also doubles as a water heater, so you can find several uses for it beyond making coffee.

However, it’s best to have a backup in case you’re completely off the grid. There is now non-disposable pour over stands and cups that only need grounds and water. It’s as simple as it sounds, you just pour hot water through the grounds and into a cup. You might not get as strong as a cup, but you’ll still get the effects with minimal resources.

Coffee Alternatives

If you absolutely can’t make room for your coffee collection in your current bug out gear, you can consider some alternatives that are equally powerful. While they might not help with things like caffeine withdrawal headaches or getting that coffee flavor, they’re still a valid choice when SHTF.

Instant Coffee

The first and most obvious option is instant coffee. These are mixes that you add to warm water. They taste like coffee, but they’re not exactly the same as a freshly brewed cup. You can find them in a variety of flavors, and the individual packages don’t take up much space. Add a handful to your bug out bag for an instant boost if times get rough.

Dandelion Root

Believe it or not, this forest flower has been used for centuries because of its medicinal properties. Dandelion tea is a classic in the camping world, and you can roast the roots for a coffee substitute. You’ll likely find this drink to be less acidic and less bitter, it’ll do the trick. The good news is that it’s incredibly easy to find dandelions in the wild.

Chicory Root

Chicory is something you’ll spot along the road just about anywhere in the country. If you find yourself driving along to your bug out spot, stop for some chicory root. It looks like the dandelion, and that’s because they share many of the same properties. You can eat the leaves themselves, or just grind the root to make your own coffee. This is a major health boost, known for helping with inflammation, liver function, and gut health. It also tastes eerily similar to coffee.

Protect Your Chaos Coffee

Chaos coffee might just be the new hundred dollar bill when SHTF. Survival is tough when you don’t have your favorite energy-boosting drink to make it through the day, and these tips will help you prepare your chaos coffee even when the world starts to fall apart. Coffee is one of the best parts of modern living. What will you do to protect your cup of coffee?

Source: coffeeblog